More dreadlocks for Ether. This photo is a fantastic reference because I'm thinking that some parts of her dreads are more soft and wild and not as "dreaded" as other parts. It makes for a nice texture and fun drawing, plus it matches her personality quite well.

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dreads, partial dreads, blonde, brazi bites, glasses, bleh

This is Monika she came in for her reattachment of her synthetic dreadlocks that she has been having on and off for years now. She wants a more natural look with some loose hair on the top. Synthetic dreadlocks can be worn without your own hair will be damage, its a great way of testing out to have dreadlocks for three months before taking the big jump on real dreadlocks.

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dreads can be just as chic as any other hair style.. and they do not have to look messy, or dirty the way some people associate dreadlocks ...<3 spread the dread love one dread-lock at a time <3

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