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5 ways to learn about our Eyes

5 ways to learn about our Eyes with FREE PRINTABLE Parts of the Eye cards

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Human eye coloring page with labeling from

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EYE ANATOMY-Canthus-Inner and outer where eyelids meet - Pinguecula-growth of the conjunctiva that overlays the sclera

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eye anatomy and experiments

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Learn about the Human Eye

The amazing eye...brought to you by ... the Creator. Do you know Him? He loves you.

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Awesome Anatomy: Eye See

Worksheets: Awesome Anatomy: Eye See

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Take a journey through the human eye and how it works with this fantastic video, Wonder of the Human Eye. This is a great educational video for all ages.

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Bill Nye the Science Guy on The Eyeball - Use to supplement Lesson 2: The Sun p13 "Don't Stare". Helps explain how the eyeball shape works as a magnifying glass, light is focused, and how damage can be done by looking directly at the sun

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Parts of the Body Activities. | Aprender e Brincar

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Parts of the Eye Activity

Love this! :) Parts of the Eye Art Project for Preschoolers

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