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Beef fillet with marrow bones, oyster sabayon and girolle mushrooms

This richly satisfying beef with bone marrow recipe combines the intense flavours of beef, oyster and mushroom flavours. - Pascal Aussignac


Peppered salmon with rémoulade and pastis sauce

Peppered Alaska salmon with rémoulade and pastis sauce recipe - Pascal Aussignac serves lightly cured and peppered Alaska salmon with a refreshing pastis sauce and textural celeriac and apple rémoulade. This peppered salmon recipe takes time to prepare, but each step is fairly straight-forward - so don't be put off!


Pascal Aussignac's Gasconnade Lamb

Pascal Aussignac's Gasconnade Lamb -

Griotte cherry clafoutis

Clafoutis is a classic French dessert originating from the South West Limousin region, and it is somewhere between a cake and a flan. This clafoutis recipe from Pascal Aussignac features a great combination of sweet and sour flavours, thanks to the tart griotte cherries, but you can substitute other cherries or seasonal fruit if you wish.


Glazed black cod with a verjuice sauce and crunchy grapes

Glazed Alaska black cod with a verjuice sauce and crunchy grapes recipe - A sweet and sour sauce of modish verjuice, honey and elderflower complements delicately flavoured Alaska black cod in this neat dish from Pascal Aussignac. The chef's signature crunchy grapes round off this glazed black cod recipe with aplomb.


How to Cook Rabbit

This magnificent rabbit recipe from Pascal Aussignac combines the meat with butternut squash and papaya for a memorable dish for any occasion


Photography Workshop With David Griffen & Great British Chefs

Duck Pot-au-feu

Pascal Aussignac's pot-au-feu recipe is a supreme take on the classic French dish, using the gamey flavour of duck with lots of herbs and vegetables


Roast capon with hay, chestnut pulp, Guinness and oyster sauce


Top London chefs reveal favourite egg recipes just in time for Easter

A Full French with sunny side up eggs by Pascal Aussignac, Club Gascon