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7 Hazards of Passive Smoking

„…ha egy 17 éves lány olyan háztartásban nőtt fel, ahol passzív dohányfüst-expozíció érte, akkor nagyobb az esélye az alacsony HDL-szintnek. Az azonos életkorú fiúk esetében a passzív dohányzás nem fejti ki ugyanezt a hatást, ami arra utal, hogy a lányok esetében erőteljesebb károsító hatás érvényesül…” További részletek:


Passive Smoking Can Cause Heart Disease In Children, Study Says

What is the impact of passive smoking on health? - Health Reviews

It is important for the people who are either active or passive smokers or who get more exposed to polluted air should take care of their respiratory system.As people living in big cities which are polluted and smoke frequently are more prone to the various diseases related to the respiratory system

SuperListenMode: Silently rude I guess Respectfully you just do your thing; I just want to breathe :( . I just come across a lot of people smoking while they walk with the rest of the public and I cant avoid the passive smoking sometimes in the city. . One time a smoking lady actually angrily confronted me for sitting up and walking away as she sat down and I pretended I was checking the time so she calmed down. I was scared .___. . Likewise I was/am scared of posting this comic on…

Passive smoking (called also second-hand smoke (SHS)) shows that it causes an…


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SMOKER | Stop smoking | Stop passive smoking | Don't smoke in public places | Smoking causes cancer | Think about family, Children.

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