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Vintage Silver Passover Haggadah contains the story of the Jewish Exodus from Egypt and is is recited along with songs and prayers by all family and friends at the Seder table. The youngest at the table begins by asking what have been come known as "the 4 questions".


British Library, Additional 14761, detail of f. 26v (‘The first cup’). Haggadah, liturgical poems and biblical readings for Passover (The ‘Barcelona Haggadah’), Sephardic rite. Barcelona, c.1340. ” …miniature of a pig-like figure lifting the first cup of wine and a hare placing a stick upon a dog’s head.


With the Jewish holiday of Passover starting this evening, here is the stunning Barcelona Haggadah prayer book. Illustrated with people, flowers, birds and imaginary creatures, this prayer book for the festival of Passover is one of the most richly pictorial of all Jewish texts. Find out more


DIY Passover Haggadah. has cool templates, artwork, readings, etc for you to design a Haggadah that is meaningful to you!


centuriespast: “ Farnese Hours Italy, Rome, 1546 M.69, fol. 27r Morgan Library ”