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Abc ... 123 ... 🎈 So happy to add the super miniature version of my favorite alphabet and number stamps to my collection. I have this set in various sizes because of their versatility for just about anything plus they stay organized in the case. I've stamped them in my passport monthly, but can you spot where I've also stamped them on the handmade envelope I made? 🔍 ✨ Available now in studio at Baum-Kuchen + thrilled to share them with you online very soon /. (Will be available in three…


A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words! | I do this. But I didn't know about behavior passport. Great idea. Interactive notebook?


Volkshotel is already featured in The Amsterdam Guide and on Petite Passport since their opening but there was one special room I really wanted to try. It’s called Bathing Bikou and this room (number 505) is inspired on Japan and their bathing culture. The designer...


Park Your Car Dice game: Make a large parking lot with the numerals 2-12. Give students two dice and a play car. Students roll the dice, add the numbers, and park their car on the answer