just Sweet and Simple: How to Patch Jeans .... NONE of my six year olds jeans have made it through the first semester of kindergarten!

Darning tutorial.... oh the pairs of jeans I could have saved of the boys' had I known how to do this.

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my favorite way to fix holes in pants. I like the way it looks much better than a big patch on the outside. Plus on little kid pants it is cute to use colored thread. Looks intentionally edgy

Cambelle is hell on jeans ...this is a confusing post, but basically what I did (but mine was white & turquoise fabric with red embroidery).

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Great Tips on how to mend clothes in cute and clever ways! You can even sew a torn toy using these tips ^+^ Crafting idea, mending fabriques, tricks

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Fun way to patch the knees of kids pants not sure I will need this with the girls but maybe spencer will let me do this to his jeans LOL

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How to patch jeans - use this method to close and reinforce holes but still keep a distressed look.

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