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Clara Barton.1821–1912, American humanitarian, organizer of the American Red Cross, b. North Oxford (now Oxford), Mass. She taught school (1839–54) and clerked in the U.S. Patent Office before the outbreak of the Civil War. She then established a service of supplies for soldiers and nursed in army camps and on the battlefields. She was called the Angel of the Battlefield.


Henry Edwin Baker, Jr. (1 September 1857–27 April 1928) was the third African American to enter the United States Naval Academy. He later served as an assistant patent examiner in the United States Patent Office, where he would chronicle the history of African-American inventors. What we know about early African American innovators comes mostly from the work of Henry Baker. He was dedicated to uncovering and publicizing the contributions of Black inventors.


GeorgeGeorge Washington's uniform, 1770s-80s The uniform coat, waistcoat, and pair of knee breeches came to the Smithsonian in 1883 from the Patent Office. (The ruffled shirt and boots are Washington's uniform, 1770s-80s.


Anthony Bowen purchased his own freedom from slavery in Maryland and founded the…


At six feet four inches tall, Lincoln towered over most of his contemporaries. He chose to stand out even more by wearing high top hats. He acquired this hat from J. Y. Davis, a Washington hat maker. Lincoln had the black silk mourning band added in remembrance of his son Willie. No one knows when he obtained the hat, or how often he wore it. The last time he put it on was to go to Ford’s Theatre on April 14, 1865.


Back in the days before walk in closets there was a hat storage issue. Hats that could be stored flat became fashionable. 4 patterns from the patent office. [inspiration]


Aspirin Bottle,1889 - On March 6, 1899, the Imperial Patent Office in Berlin registered Aspirin, the brand name for Acetylsalicylic acid, on behalf of the German pharmaceutical company Friedrich Bayer & Co. Now the most common drug in household medicine cabinets, acetylsalicylic acid was originally made from a chemical found in the bark of willow trees.


Henry Blair was the second Black inventor issued a patent by the United States Patent Office. Born in 1807, Blair received his first patent on October 14, 1834 for his invention of the corn seed pl...

from Atlanta Black Star


Benjamin Montgomery was born into slavery in 1819 in Loudon County, Virginia. Montgomery obtained employment at a general store owned by his master Joseph Davis. He would eventually take over the entire purchasing and shipping operations of the store. During those days, merchandise was shipped by boat on the rivers connecting counties and states. However a timely shipment was not guaranteed since the depths of water in different spots throughout the river made navigation difficult.


Toke-O-Matic, 1977. If I had only known, I wouldn't have bothered with my one-hit-at-a-time hash pipe. LOL