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Soldiers Using Patria AMVs To Occupy An Assembly Area ● Exercise Immedia...

Domestically produced Patria AMV of Croatian Armed Forces[540x320]

Finnish - patria amv (Armoured Modular Wehicle) 8x8 +120mm

Finnish Patria AMV APCs on the move in Norway during the Cold Response 2016 exercise [1368x912]


Patria AMV, modular military vehicle that allows changing of weapons etc.


1455286930_06_patria-amv-8x8-nordic-ifv-concept-kongsberg-mcrws.jpg (800×535)

DVD 2016: Christopher F Foss talks about the Patria AMV XP

Patria AMV Armoured Modular Vehicle - Army Technology


Patria AMV 8x8 with OTO Melara Hitfist '2004–pr.