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Community Post: 19 Reasons To Watch The Youngblood Chronicles (Even If You Don't Like Fall Out Boy)

"make pretends" "not real lifesies" <<<< HES SO SWEET AND INNOCENT AND SUCH A DAD ITS ADORABLE

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OMG I JUST REALIZED, NANOOK (Sam's dog) is dead in real life! He saved sams life and now he's dead... Poor Nanook

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((FC: Patrick Stump)) Hey, I'm Patrick. I'm a werewolf, siren hybrid. I sing most of the time and I learned guitar and piano. I do covers sometimes like Micheal Jackson's Beat it. I was born in this place and my dad was a werewolf and my mom was a siren. They were killed. I've been here for 17 years.

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They spoke this same message at their concert in Anaheim. Fucking love these guys! Fall Out Boy and Patrick Stump

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k so im listening to immortals and right when patricks is about to make that stopmy noise then say IMMORTALS! i saw that and OH MAH GAWWWD! that was cool lol

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