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Uhhh... actually no. Germany is voiced by Hiroki Yasumoto (seiyuu) and Patrick Seitz (english) while Daisuke Ono (seiyuu) and J. Michael Tatum (english) voices Erwin Smith.

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THATS WHERE MY BLANKET WENT I wanted one if these for Christmas but couldn't get one because they weren't available but omg it doesn't matter because doistu has it

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the most beautiful description of hetalia ever. Also, I'm a little worried that, if told to show up somewhere in a Prussia cosplay with a ski mask, I would do it, no questions asked. :)

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I love how the voice actor for Germany is the funniest one (in my opinion) but he plays the most serious character on the show.

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steins gate! (this the subbed, but dubbed is better in this series with the exception of this scene ^_^)

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For Honor Apollyon Blackstone Legion 4K 8K - This HD N/A wallpaper is taken from N/A For Honor. Played by Patricia Summersett, Patrick Seitz, Christian Jadah, Tristan D. Lalla. This Action N/A plot storyline is about: Legions of Knights, Samurai tribes, and Viking clans do battle with each other, wholly unaware that their centuries long... - #Apollyon, #Blackstone, #For, #Honor, #Legion #Games

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Patrick Seitz/Germany's response to Italy's Love Confession - YouTube. Voice Actors are so much fun.

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Anime Expo 2015: Aniplex To Release Your Lie In April Dub

Aniplex is dubbing Your Lie In April. Patrick Seitz will direct the adaptation at Bang Zoom! On a related note, if you haven't seen Your Lie In April, do it now!

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