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**Taken By Gracie @FOBobssesed1 ** [Name: Patrick Johnson] [Age: 22] [Height: 5'5"] [Weight: 125] [Division: Health] [Hobbies: music] [Personality: Kind, generous, controlled, funny] [Powers: Invulnerability] [Known Family: Unknown]

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Patrick Stump /// Anyone going to the concert next year? Also what did everyone think of the new version of Irresistible?Comment and tell me! Thanks! -Emma Charlotte

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And we love you for it. (If they were normal height they wouldn't stand on tables at concerts.)

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lol Patrick Stump from Fall Out Boy I always say Im a hobbit cause Im really short and he does the same thing

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I'm about the same height as Patrick... Him and I juuussst short of 5'5"... I know, I'm short

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Which Punk Singer are you?

"You are an adorable person and everyone probably wants to fucking hug you like a teddy bear."

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I'm about Pete's height, maybe taller xD<<<im like patricks or maybe an ich shorter

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