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St. Catherine of Alexandria (patron saint of teachers), a stained glass window (detail). Depending on the source, this window was designed by Edward Burne-Jones, or possibly William Morris; and it was most likely made by Morris & Co. as early as 1860, or as late as the 1880s

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Inspiration: Purpose Affirmation: I AM Purpose Day: July 26th Lifetime: around 596 BC Saint Anne is the patron saint of mothers and female professionals. Anne was the mother of Mary, Grandmother of Jesus, teacher and guider of the flock. Anne was always connected to God and to her purpose. St. Anne reminds us all that we are divinely guided and our life has purpose. You have ability beyond today’s knowledge… trust and you will be shown. Connect with St. Anne and bring Purpose into your…

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St. Paul - The Apostle of the Gentiles who was a deep religious thinker as shown through his 14 Epistles. Feast Day shared with St. Peter on June 29.

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Heroes and Homemakers: 10 Patron Saints of Marriage

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Saint Petroc son of King Glywys of Wales and founder of monasteries in Cornwall

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