Black Herringbone Tights -

Herringbone Tights- love these fun textured tights to bring dresses into fall with boots

Love this outfit. Patterned tights and skirt with long cardigan, which looks fantastically comfy.

Oversize Cardigan With Skirt,Long Boots and Leggings. SF: I like the pattern and colors of the dress, love the cardigan, and like the tights. Boots are gorgeous.

All professional women should have a range of stylish fashion hosiery. It's relatively inexpensive and spices up an otherwise unexciting outfit!

I'm pretty hesitant towards obvious patterned tights, (due to the fact that I feel like a wildcard pattern has the potential to DISTRACT , something I personally refuse to let my wardrobe do. But this pattern is pretty darn chic

black oxfords and polka dot tights                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Sorry Winter, but we are keeping our skirts and shorts

30 Chic Pairs Of Tights #refinery29  Anthropologie Pop Dot Tights, $24, available at Anthropologie.

Best Tights - Warm, Comfortable, Cute Winter Style

Gorgeous dotty tights - little things make a big difference to an outfit. I think these tights make the outfit more fun, flirty and just a little bit cheeky

People don’t appreciate socks enough.    Yes, there are practical reasons to love socks, like the fact that they keep your feet warm, or the fact that they prevent super sweaty (and smelly) feet. But they’re also an undervalued source of style and sartorial expression! They’re not really seen as a fashion statement, they’re seen as a grudging necessity that you don’t really give much thought to.

15 Fun Ways To Wear Socks That You've Never Thought Of Before

Beautiful burnt-orange knee-high socks atop tights for the fall and winter.

Black Birds Floral Sheer Pattern Tights Funky Designer Gothic Fashion Pantyhose | eBay

Black Birds Floral Designer Gothic Sheer Pattern Tights/Pantyhose One Size

Black Birds Floral Designer Gothic Sheer Pattern Tights/Pantyhose One Size in Clothes, Shoes & Accessories, Women's Clothing, Hosiery & Socks