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Pattie Mallette

Pattie Mallette Says Baby Justin Bieber’s First Word Was ‘Money’

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12 Crimes tthat Justin Bieber has Committed Its funny looks big at patties smile because her and Justin have the Same exact smile that Justin did in 2010

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‘His life is my life,’ Pattie Mallette talks about the challenge to see Justin Bieber grow!

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Justin Bieber 'My Mom Gives Me Drugs' -

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Justin Bieber Baby Pictures |; baby Justin w/ his parents: mom, Pattie Mallette & dad, Jeremy Bieber in 1994

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Little Justin Bieber With His Mom Pattie Mallette You Clearly Tell Justin Is A Boy Not A Girl

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Nice time with mom the best time in the world over her to piece I know he loves her to pieces he always will

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