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This shot of narwhals by Paul Nicklen. "One of the most unique, special and elusive species I have ever had the pleasure of photographing is the Narwhal. The tusk just happens to grow out of a 16 foot long whale that lives in the Arctic ocean. With my friend and fellow pilot, Brian Knutsen we were able to find hundreds of these whales living way offshore in the drifting pack ice."


In honor of St. Paul native Charles M. Schulz, five-foot statues of the Peanuts characters were decorated each summer from 2000 through 2004 and placed throughout the city


July 29, 1981: Lady Diana Spencer marries Prince Charles at St. Paul's Cathedral in London. Lady Diana and her 25 foot train. This photo gives us an idea of how long this train was. Amazing. She waits to walk down the aisle with her father.


Russian Aristocracy - Borzoi - Wolfhound - From Russia With Love - Borzois , dog , dogs - Russian Nobility


According to director George Roy Hill, during the filming of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (1969), a stuntman balked at some of the bicycle tricks he was asked to perform. Just then, Newman himself went rolling by, balanced on one foot on the bicycle’s seat. Hill turned to the stuntman and said, “You’re fired.”