Paul McCartney holding an Asahi Pentax, which was my first 'real' camera in 1975. It got stolen on Kennedy Airport the same year. AL

Paul McCartney in Miami Note his black-body Asahi Pentax camera, the last Asahi model before the Spotmatic was introduced.

“ Rare picture of Paul McCartney / 1963. ”

young paul McCartney this is one of my desktop backgrounds

The Beatles Paul McCartney resting in their George V Hotel room, Paris, 1965

Paul McCartney, The Beatles resting in their George V Hotel room, Paris, 1965

The Beatles Photo Vault paul mccartney

Paul eating, composing and watching the kids on holiday in in late Again the photographer is most likely Linda.

Paul McCartney, 1963 | That's exactly what I did when I got my ticket for Sir Paul McCartney's Out There Tour!!! Can't wait!!! October 21st, 2015, still seems sooooo far away....!!!!!

youknow-i-will: “ thebeatlesordie: “ A wild Paul McCartney ” I’m in love with this gif. His adorableness should be illegal.