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Oh My..Oh My....Oh My!!!!   Paul Rudd

43 Photos Of Paul Rudd In Honor Of His 43rd Birthday

°Paul Rudd - he looks so handsome in this pic and his sense of humor makes him even more attractive.

Afternoon eye candy: Paul Rudd (29 photos)

I've had a crush on Paul Rudd since clueless. Funny guys that are cute too is my weakness ;

37 Reasons You Can't Help But Love Paul Rudd

37 Reasons You Can't Help But Love Paul Rudd

Henry Daugherty, the male best friend of Lydia Finnigan after her popularity plummet, they end up getting together and marrying

Seriously, though, how hot does Paul Rudd look in a baseball hat? (Answer: Really, really hot.)

Enjoy 2 Decades' Worth of Charming Paul Rudd Smirks

Pin for Later: Enjoy 2 Decades' Worth of Charming Paul Rudd Smirks Seriously, How Good Does He Look in a Baseball Hat?

Paul Rudd...funny and sexy!You've had me since "Are you saying you care about me?" (Clueless reference)

[[Paul Rudd]] Hey, I'm Liam. I'm 41 and currently a single widower. Before my wife died, she wanted to foster a kid. I feel guilty now, so I'm looking for a foster kid. I currently own a record shop down town.


Paul Rudd Talks 'Ant-Man' with The Hollywood Reporter

I seriously think Paul Rudd is one of the most beautiful-looking men I have ever seen. I could stare at his face all day.

We have our Ant-Man. And it is indeed Paul Rudd. Rudd has been one of the rumoured guys for this role for quite a long time. And today Marvel have finally laid any speculation to res…

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Paul Rudd.....I want your babies!

Paul Stephen Rudd was born in Passaic, New Jersey. His parents, Michael and Gloria, both from Jewish families, were born in the U. He has one .

“I see you and you’re charming.” | 41 Hot Guys Whose Eyes Will Pierce Your Soul

Can we just have a Paul Rudd appreciation day? Maybe send his mom a thank you…