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Payne Stewart Plane Crash

from ✈ WHEN PLANES GO DOWN ✈ Payne Stewart Air Crash ✈ ✈ WHEN PLANES GO DOWN ✈ Golfer Payne Stewart Air Crash ✈ En-route to Dallas from Orlando, a private Learjet carrying pro-golf legend Payne Stewart goes rogue. Air traffic controllers are unable to reach the crew, and as the plane continues its unplanned trajectory, it's obvious that something has gone terribly wrong.

He was a rising star in the world of golf, but died tragically almost ten years ago when his jet plane crashed. Stewart was also well known for his stylish ...


Payne Stewart Plane Crash in a field in South Dakota. Compare to 9/11 crash in Pennsylvania.

Hypoxia and Eventual Plane Crash Led to DEATHS – Golf Pro Payne Stewart et al, USA This true story involves the deaths of six people who perished aboard a plane – two crew members and four passengers, including two-time U.S. Open golf champ Payne Stewart. Plane crashes are nothing new but the way these people died...

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23 Champion Golfers Who Died Tragically Young

Payne Stewart's death in a plane crash is not the only early death among golfers. Unfortunately, there are many others who died tragically young.


Octubre 25 en la historia: Pablo Picasso; Cuban missile crisis fuels Cold War clash at UN; China's UN seat changes hands; 'Charge of the Light Brigade' battle takes place; Author Geoffrey Chaucer dies; Golfer Payne Stewart killed in plane crash. -


Payne Stewart (d. 10/25/1999) died in a plane crash at age 41 when he'd just had his best (two million dollar) year, winning the US Open. This ghost is easy to celebrate as his signature was the revival of traditional golf attire anyone can purchase online or in their local golf shop. Be colorful. Be traditional. Plenty of ghost hours are sure to be hosted in the clubs. Payne Stewart, we won't forget you!


Payne Stewart was a gifted golfer, winning three majors before his untimely death at age 42 in a plane crash in 1999. Visit to learn more.