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Shalom (peace) in Hebrew actually means: To Destroy the Authority Attached to Chaos. - When the Messiah returns to do this then we will have Peace or Shalom!


I want to read the Bible in the original languages it was written in. Meaning is lost in translation (unfortunately), and for someone who has a fascination for words, this loss is distressing.


This four inch scroll is one of the Silver Scrolls, which contain the oldest known Biblical passages. Written about 600 BC, they were discovered in 1979 in Jerusalem at a place outside the Old City known as Ketef Hinnom. The Hebrew language text on the pictured scroll is taken from Numbers 6:24-26 and reads, "May Yahweh bless you and keep you; May Yahweh cause his face to shine upon you and grant you peace."


Shalom: The literal translation is " Peace" Although It can be used also to say hello and goodbye. Which meaning make us think that the actual interpretation is: Come in peace - While greeting a person. And Go in peace.