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Peace, Beautiful, large, heavy cupped to high centered 6" blooms (petals 45) of golden primrose-yellow with soft rose-pink shadings on what should be a strong growing continual blooming bush with large, rich-green, leathery foliage. Our plants of 'Peace' will be more winter hardy being own-root and virus free. Makes a good cut flower.

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Peace rose introduced in the 1940's (This photo is close to Peace as I know it. The flower is creamy white, with a yellow center and blush pink edges on the outer petals. I try to buy bushes in bloom, so I can see whether it's' blooms match this description. SG)

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PRINT – Rose Watercolor painting 7.5 x 11”

PRINT – Rose Watercolor painting 7.5 x 11” - Artist... Yui from Bangkok Thailand **** Stunning, reminds me of a Peace Rose. <3

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My favorite flower, pink and orange/yellow rose: Hybrid Tea 'Love & Peace'

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If you like the peachy-pink tones of the Peace rose, you'll love this one - a much more vivid magenta tinges the outer petals. Roses are a great addition to any garden and provide elegance and intoxicating scents. For unique custom garden and landscape design in the Minneapolis MN area, we're the ones to call -

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Peace Hybrid Tea Rose - Huge opulent blooms of golden yellow edged in a delicate pink are in abundance on this easy to grow plant. A favorite among many.

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This 'Chicago Peace' rose is the favorite in my garden! The color of the petals are more intense this time of year than in the Spring, thanks to Mother Nature!

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