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☮ American Hippie Art ☮ Peace Sign

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This may be my favorite bit of street art I have ever seen. Let me set the context. This is a sign in Iran. Obviously the sign is alluding to the myth of Sisyphus pushing a stone up the hill.... the brilliance is the peace symbol. Amazing art.

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Hi everybody I haven't been able to get on lately due to Technical Problems, getting it worked out. In case anyone wants to leave a message for me please do-so here. Be Back Soon, Peace - out Elsie =))

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"Far out" ✌Peace Signs Butterfly #HippieStuff __[Peace sign Art by KN]

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Peace Sign Necklace

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RESERVED FOR ANGIE!!! Peace Symbol, Peace Sign, Organic Peace Symbol, Hippy Art, 60's Art, Recycled Art

Peace Symbol Peace Sign Organic Peace Symbol Hippy by TheFatShack, $45.99

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☮ American Hippie ☮ Peace

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