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Lo And Behold, We Found It – The Best Pie Filling Ever…And You’ll Never Guess How Easy It Is!!

Here, we’ve got the perfect peach compote recipe for you; it’s made in the slow cooker, so you can kick back and relax, and it’s just as delicious on its own as it is served in a tasty, homemade pie…bring it on!

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Easy Peasy Peach Compote

Peach Compote - the perfect way to make a sweet juicy peach even sweeter! Perfect over a tall stack of pancakes or over a fresh slice of poundcake!

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Easy Peasy Peach Compote

Easy Peach Compote - the perfect sweet topping for pancakes, muffins, pound cakes, and SO much more!

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Bacon Peach Jam

Sweet, salty, and tangy, Bacon Peach Jam is a luxurious condiment for hors d'oeuvres, grilled cheese, and burgers.

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Apple and Peach Compote

When apple season hits but peaches still linger at the market, it's time for a standout condiment to round out a main course or dessert.

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Peach cake. Inside: peach mousse, peach compote, white chocolate mousse, two types of biscuit. Decor white chocolate

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