Urine stains on carpet can be frustrating to remove, especially if the stains are old. As the urine soaks down into the fibers of the carpet, removal is more challenging than with fresh stains. Whether from a dog, cat or person, old urine stains on carpet will not only leave an unsightly mark but also an unappealing odor. Removing old urine stains...

8 Ways to Get Rid of that "Pee" Smell in Your Bathroom

Keep your bathroom fresh & tidy, even between cleanings. No more dust, hair, or lingering pee smell hanging around! #ad #clorox

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A list of 9 ways to get rid of the pee smell in your bathroom. Great tips and ideas from our readers.

This is a guide about removing cat pee smell from clothing. The odor of cat pee can be difficult to remove completely from clothes.

Woolite Pet + Oxygen - the only thing Ive tried that ACTUALLY gets cat pee smell out!! I wonder if this would work on dog urine? #Cake

This WORKS, I used it and my mattress looks brand new! We don't have ceiling fans I used a small fan and say it on the mattress to air dry! It even took the smell out! How to Clean Pee out of a Mattress

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Getting frustrated with the cat pee smell all the time? Don’t worry. Here’s the solution to it!

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