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Eric Trump calling out the DNC! They don't want to remind their sheep Obama created 19 trillion dollars of debt. One of a few key issues Dems sweep under the rug.

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Selling the Maestro WahIt looks ok inside, make a whacky squelch when turned on. Im sure its a quick fix, but Im not the solder type. Enjoy vintage at pennies to dollar!

Healthy Fundraising USA - Our unique Pennies to Dollars scratchcard fundraising system has eliminated the four major problems of fundraising; selling overpriced items; poor quality or value; low profits; and too much work for the money.

Currency Change - Pounds to Dollars On this day ………… 14th February 1966 There was a lot of love in Australia on this day. It wasn’t only Valentine’s Day, but the day that the currency changed from pounds, shillings and pence to dollars and cents. The campaign to educate everyone was very successful and centre-stage was the “Dollar Bill” cartoon character, […]

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IRONY IS DEAD: MIKE PENCE GOES TO COURT TO BLOCK HIS EMAILS FROM BEING RELEASED TO PUBLIC | Until recently, Mike Pence was known as the governor whose hatred towards gay people burned so hot that he lost his state of Indiana millions of dollars in business in order to legalize the discrimination of the LGBT community. Now he’s known as the future Vice President...

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14/2/16 Sunday marks 50 years of Australia's switch from pounds, shillings and pence to dollars and cents! It's known as Conversion Day.

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Out go the pennies...... On the 14 th February 1966 I wish the US would follow suit and stop making pennies especially since it takes more to make them than they're worth! : )

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The mother Trump feeds her Trumplings a small loan of a million dollars

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Making Mo' Money By Selling Yo' Money I'm not a natural at selling. There I've said it. I'm much much better at collecting. Unfortunately for me Lord Balders is not keen on collecting things that could make us more money if we sold them on and he definitely is not keen on collecting money that he's not allowed to use. When I told himthat we could sell that money for even more money - well I didn't stand a chance! 1997 Isle of Man TT Rally 20p Coins and bills have always fascinated me and…

Money Unit -~ Playing at the Pet Shop

Fun games and activities to review money skills with a pet theme. Roll the dice, use play money, problem solving and more.

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