Links to great ideas and videos to help your little one develop an excellent pencil grip! There's a free song poster, too!

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Pencil Grasp Reference Sheet. Available at

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Pencil grip rap. Re-pinned by 7 Senses Therapy See our amazing activities for better pencil grip at |

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Twinkl Resources >> How To Grip A Pencil Poster >> Thousands of printable primary teaching resources for EYFS, KS1, KS2 and beyond! pencil, how to grip a pencil, poster, banner, sign, nib, flip, grip, how to hold a pencil, writing, taught, shown, grasp,

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The Pencil Claw can be used by all students and is very helpful for who have motor difficulties or trouble with proper grip and handwriting. It works on pencils, pens, thin markers and colored pencils and can be used for right or left-handed students. They are small and can easily be transported anywhere that requires coloring, drawing or writing.

Pencil Grip Help: "Wrap a hair tie as shown. Kids get used to doing it themselves quickly. It gently forces them to hold the pencil in the open web of their hands and the pencil with their fingertips. Do this for a few weeks, then remove the ties. By then it's become habit to hold a pencil correctly. Kids that have weak fine motor muscles in their hands are going to struggle, so do strengthening activities. That helps with control and neatness when writing." From a friend's FB post.

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How to teach a child how to hold a pencil... - Use The fun alligator trick! | Sight and Sound Reading

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