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I'm doing a penny tile backsplash in a kitchen. I wonder if Bondera would be a good material to use with copper pennies. I haven't felt confident in the bon…

Penny tiled floor- about $1.44 per sq foot. Can't beat that price and it's so pretty too!

a great way to do penny floors without the permanence. do penny tiles, then tile the floor vs the penny and then lacquer on the floor itself. tutorial on how to make a pennies floor. most people that first see it don't realize that it's pennies.

How to Stitch a Penny Rug; The "3 stack" with a "personal backing" by Colleen MacKinnon

In episode 373 - How to Stitch a Penny Rug; The stack" with a "personal backing" by Colleen MacKinnon

penny back splash

We will show you unique penny backsplash ideas which impress with the strong presence of the backsplash in the interior.

PENNY FLOOR TILE.  Need: PENNIES, TEMPLATE, MESH BACKING  for mosaic tiles ( mosaic_tile_mesh.aspx), WELDBOND GLUE, reg THIN SET, LATICRETE EPOXY GROUT (in Chocolate Truffle), LATICRETE CLEAR EPOXY Liquid Grout. • Collect pennies. Make 12" sq TEMPLATE of penny layout (cov w/pkg tape). Cut 13" sq mesh backing. Place mesh over template, Glue pennies to mesh accord to template. Install backing. Install tile w/reg thin set acc to pkg dir. Grout tile acco to pkg…

i knew even before we bought our house that i wanted to put a penny tile floor in somewhere. as in real pennies.

In her series, "Tondi observations," contemporary artist Jacqueline Lou Skaggs paints miniature oil paintings on the copper surface of discarded U.S. pennies. Interestingly, as she points out in her description of the series, her actions elevate the value of the coins while simultaneously defacing them.

Artist Jacqueline Lou Skaggs — painting miniature oil paintings on the copper surface of discarded U.


Penny is back, but...

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GREAT IDEA.. I SAW AN IDEA FOR A PENNY FLOOR..BUT THIS IS THE WAY TO GO ABOUT IT..ALSO OTHER USES, BACKSPLASH ETC, SHOWER FLOOR..ON AND ON  A penny saved.. is a cool tile floor! Make your own mosaic tile sheets with pennies and mesh backing, then install like tiles! #diy #home see at:

a penny saved. is a tile floor! She used a mosaic mesh to make penny tiles for an entryway area. Might be useful in thinking about the TILE mosaic table top I'm thinking about - and the penny floor is interesting, too. great how to link