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i totally agree with this person. i would be the one pn the sidelines who cusses a lot has all the sarcastic comments or i would be the villain


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5 Books You Must Read to Truly Get This Season of Penny Dreadful

In addition to being a supernatural gothic romance, Showtime's drama is also catnip for bookworms. These are the novels you should read to know everything.

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Ms. Money Penny Hip and Holster Bag

Ms. Money Penny *definitely an Elizabeta item!!! Williams does not even know she owns a handgun. Or a suppressor (silencer) Let alone several of each in her leased Range Rover parked just outside. He tries not to watch her mind. Though he easily could, he unwittingly has no intention of ruining his perfect vision of her. If only he knew just how thoroughly-validated his misgivings over who she really is or why she has effortlessly inserted herself into his existence truly are...*

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