Then, when you find out that people don't have good hearts, your left with a broken one. You may manage to fix it somehow, but that heart break isn't the last one and you have to deal with more...

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real talk.... think about it....mmmmhmmm selfish people disappoint me. Your better than no one :)

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I have some friends that would drop everything if I needed them and I have some that would probably not. Why am I still friends with the probably nots?

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When you exercise aligning your Values you ultimately become TRUE to yourself. There's a sense of ultimate satisfaction and living your purpose on purpose. If there have been things that you have been doing on autopilot for a long time in your life without hesitation (which are not aligned with your values) they will crop up and create chaos which ultimately could create the feelings of unhappy, anxiety and disappointment. These are areas of our life's that we have been disempowered in. And…

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What I do on the outside to develop thick skin is now killing my insides. My physical health is declining while I am trying to stay strong on the outside.

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