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lesson well learned...never expect someone to change just because you want them to.People change when they want to.

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Some people will never change. They simply don't want to. They like who they are and actually don't see anything wrong with the things they do.

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In each relationship, the Sociopath changes to be 'all' for that person. They mirror you, what you are most looking for, they are. Underneath that mask, lies the MONSTER, a person that has disconnected from their soul and lives their life as total EGO. Make no mistake, s/he will NEVER change. - Mary A. Faher/THE CEMENT BENCH

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I'm not even going to get mad anymore, I just have to learn to expect the lowest from people, even the ones I thought the highest of.

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You wont change people. If he/she didnt change to save the relationship the first time what makes you think they will change now. . Dont be naive

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Life on a Narcissistic Roller Coaster

Life on a Narcissistic Roller Coaster. Narcissists don't disappoint & always rise to the occasion because they have no self control.

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So true! And I have learned that some will never see an issue with their actions nor take responsibility for their actions.

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Life Tips💡 on

If someone never receives a consequence for there actions what is to say they won't do it again and. Again and again !!!!!!!

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