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Custom Peptide Synthesis: Role in Antibody Preparation

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Biosyn offers custom peptide synthesis services based upon your requirement, at very reasonable prices. We design peptides with a wide range of labels, modifications, scales and purities.


Biosyn offer a complete range of premium quality custom peptide products ranging from bulk API polypeptides to high throughput library peptides and peptide array preparation.


Creative Biolabs provides a full range of services in custom polyclonal and monoclonal antibody production from gene expression or peptide synthesis to antibody purification and labeling. We have the capacity of producing antibodies in either research quantities or in large scale for diagnostic industry.

Are you looking for modified peptides? Have you ever wondered how they are made or what they are used for? We explain it! Have a look at our new peptide synthesis webpage. Our chemists explain all major peptide modifications and when to use them.

Custom peptide synthesis with up to >98% purity, 200 A.A. long peptides. Peptide 2.0, the second generation of peptide synthesis, provides high quality peptide synthesis services with a success rate well above the industry standard. We strive to provide high quality peptides at a competitive price.

Bio-Synthesis has supplied a full spectrum of Custom Peptide Synthesis Services since 1984. Custom peptides can be synthesized in many ways for a multitude of purposes.


Large Scale Contract Peptides Synthesis: Large Scale Peptide Synthesis with >98% purity offered by Biosynthesis in a preliminary cost for project review, R&D process optimization and detailed qualification reports.

Custom Peptide Synthesis with high quality as well best purity solution company in India, Mumbai is USVIndia.