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India Import data analysis tells us that, with the population explosion being accompanied by the increase in per capita income, the demand for LPG or Liquefied Petroleum gas has grown in roots.

This village has 60 millionaires and the highest per capita income in India - SocialStory


European Union per capita income

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Myanmar will be able to export about 5,000 products to the United States duty-free thanks to a new designation under the Generalized System of Preferences trade program, a US official said yesterday. The change, set to take effect on 13 November, will help the Myanmar government create jobs and reduce poverty in a country where per capita income is estimated at $1,280, the official said.

ust in time for Mother’s Day, Save the Children has released its annual State of the World’s Mothers report, which includes a list and a map of the best and worst places to be a mother. The report collates maternal health, infant mortality, educational opportunity, per capita income, and the political status of women to figure out […]


Video: Boomtown: Washington D.C. Has Highest Per Capita Income IN U.S. By Taking YOUR Money

As renters and landlords know, it can cost a pretty penny to live in big, happening cities. For many, even those with stable jobs, doing so means spending more of your income on rent. While most people in these cities tend to have higher incomes, the median per capita income in New York is roughly $4,000 above the national average and in San Francisco it's about $13,500 higher, most renters in these cities still spend more than the recommended 30 percent on rent.


- Global per capita income changes through TTIP in %.

Animated GIF contrasting population and per capita income at the ZIP code level.

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A Starbucks coffee house in Beijing south railway station.

A Starbucks coffee house in Beijing south railway station. Starbucks already has nearly 2,000 stores in mainland China and plans to have 3,400 by 2019, laying the groundwork for Chinas next boom. By 2021, Chinas per capita income will double and the middle class will approach 600 million.