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Mortals Meet Percabeth - Ava Collins

Read Ava Collins from the story Mortals Meet Percabeth by FangirlJackson (Irrelevant Writer) with reads.

#wattpad #de-todo THE FIRST BOOK OF PERCY JACKSON RANDOMNESS ON WATTPAD.  (Not kidding. Damn copycats.)  All things related to Percy Jackson.  Pictures are either from the Internet, Pinterest, WeheartIt, Instagram, Tumblr, and etc.  Posting ten pictures whenever I can.  March 3, 2016 - #219 at Fanfiction

Percy Jackson (Memes and More) - Number 34

Percy, don't interrupt Annabeth, even though you have that chemestry where you finish each other's sentences. xD

Percy, don't interrupt Annabeth, even though you have that chemestry where you finish each other's sentences.

#wattpad #fanfiction Pipercy!! I know I know you think I'm weird for not doing…

Dont leave - Percy

Percy is ten times hotter than Leo(not fire wise) but he's also cooler

percy and annabeth fall into tartarus fan art - Google Search

Percy Jackson Funny, Heroes of Olympus along with Dory and Nemo's dad why can't I remember his name?<--- his name is marlin. dory, you cant speak whale. but you can speak percy!

Percabeth Fanfiction <- Adorable! (I only accept these kinds of fanfics).

PERCABETH Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww Percy is boyfriend of the year

#wattpad #fanfiction After the defeat of Gaea in the 2nd war, Percy Jackson decided he may need a rest from fighting and quests for the time being. Unfortunately, Percy seemed out of luck coming into his mum's apartment only to find her and his step-dad murdered and on their bed with a mysterious note with a threat alo... <<< I like this parody

Beneath the Pain - Percy Jackson and Avengers crossover - Chapter 8

The funny thing is, they did fall, into Tartaurus. Thanks Rick, for almost killing my OTP!

The second book of the first original Percy Jackson randomness book o… #fanfiction Fanfiction #amreading #books #wattpad

Reasons why we all want to strangle Rick for making us wait to find out what happens to Percy and Annabeth before they plunge into Tartarus We love you Rick But those cliffhangers

nowhere-little-girl:  Demigods on a road trip - Solace

Demigods on a road trip - frank annabeth percy Jason piper hazel Reyna Nico leo

percabeth YES YES YES YES YES YES! at last!!! i was waiting for this for months!~

When I finally read that in the last book I screamed in a dead silent classroom. My teacher just smiled bc he knew what I had just read