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Pere-Lachaise Cemetery in Paris: Key Facts and Travel Tips

"Park" describes Pere-Lachaise better than "cemetery." Plan to wander this mini city crowded with the deceased and their buildings for a few hours, as you'll be mesmerized by the artistic and freaky tombs. You may feel the need to see the overrated and underwhelming grave of Jim Morrison (it was cooler pre-barricade), but find Victor Noir instead, as rubbing his bronzed penis brings good luck. You'll feel like a Paris insider if you wait to watch others awkwardly pat his package, too.


Pere Lachaise Cemetery, Paris Not everyone is a fan of cemeteries. But this is one of the most beautiful cemeteries I have ever seen. Get a map nearby. There's plenty to see; amazing photographs to be taken; cats everywhere. It's one of my favorite spots.


40 years ago: The Lizard King breaks on through to the other side

Jim Morrison's grave in Paris/My cousin Liz has the coolest photograph that she took of his grave while in Paris,in the early 1980ies. It is Poster size,Black and White,and a beautiful work of Art. Especially cool because his grave does not exist anymore,as it once was because of people and their abuse of it! She has a beautiful documentation of history,because the drawing someone did on the grave was quite amazing,as this photo is not his original gravestone!....S.


Oscar Wilde's Grave, Pere Lachaise Cemetery, Paris. My favorite classic author! I'm a little weirded out by all the lipstick prints...but I can't protest too much as I intend to do the same thing :P I wonder how Oscar feels about it?


This picture isn't very great, but I'm dying to see Pere Lachaise in Paris. One of the most beautiful looking cemeteries I've ever seen.