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Jennifer lopez perfume live 1.7 oz; 1/3 used

Jennifer lopez perfume live 1.7 oz; 1/3 used Jennifer lopez perfume live 1.7 oz; 1/3 used; have new perfume I use and no longer use this one. Jennifer Lopez Other

How to Make Perfume with Essential Oils

Have you wanted to use essential oils to make your own perfume? I hope so because this post is for you. Making your own perfume is fun and inexpensive. If you already own essential oils, then it’s just a matter... [Keep Reading]


NIB Kate Spade Live Colorfully Rollerball PerfumeNWT

NIB Kate Spade Live Colorfully Rollerball Perfume NWT NIB Kate Spade Rollerball Perfume Live Colorfully 🌻Offers only considered through offer button 🌻NO Trades kate spade Other

Live by Jennifer Lopez fragrance is the fourth of J. Lo scents. Introduced in 2005, Live perfume is a beautiful blend of orange, lemon, pineapple, peony, violet, caramel, vanilla, tonka beans and sandalwood. Playful embossed ribbons twirl around the bottle, celebrating the energy and movement of dance.


Perfume Making With Essential Oils: Top notes are what you smell first, but they last the shortest amount of time. Use roughly 20-40% of top notes in your recipe. Middle) Middle notes are the backbone of the blend. They help to bring it all together without leaving any sharp edges. Use about 40-80% in your blends. Base) Base notes are the ones that last the longest and give a deep and rich scent to the blend. Use about 10-25% in a blend.


25 Perfume Roller Bottle Blends Using Essential Oils

Store-bought perfumes often contain toxins that can cause allergic reactions. Luckily you can easily make your own natural perfume roller bottle blends!