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The Persian Empire timeline under Cyrus The Great reign and others. So impressive when you take into account how long ago this was and how much they overcame without the advantages of what we have today.


This map shows the Ottoman Empire, Safavid Empire, and Mughal Empire 1500-1700 AD this was map before Salim defeated the safavids.


Parthian Empire, 44 BCE to 138 CE. The Parthian Empire (247BCE– 224CE) was a major political and cultural power in ancient Iran. Mithridates I of Parthia (r. c. 171–138 BC) greatly expanded the empire by seizing Media & Mesopotamia from the Seleucids. At its height, the Parthian Empire stretched from the northern reaches of the Euphrates to eastern Iran. The empire, located on the Silk Road trade route between the Roman Empire and Han Empire of China, became a center of trade and commerce.