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We don't ride camels! Meet the Rich Kids of Tehran

Striking: Women are required by law to keep their head covered in the deeply religious country that was transformed by the Iranian Revolution of 1979.The account claims that the people featured are mostly in their teens and early 20s are children of Iran's upper classes

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Pateh (Persian: پته‎‎, IPA: pæte; also Romanized as pateh) is an Iranian traditional needlework folk art. It originated in and is largely associated with Kerman province, where it is produced by women. A wide piece of wool fabric (ariz) is needleworked with colored thread. Pateh needlework is done in silk and with flourish paisley pattern; popular designs include the cypress tree and the sun, both traditional pre-Islamic Persian symbols

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In The Streets Of Iran, A Fashion Shoot Bursting With Color

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Persian girls by Morteza Katouzian (via PERSIAN QUEEN) - Rekrut Ks Currysuppe

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She was originally labelled as a Persian (aka Iranian) but I think she is actually from the Kalash or the Nuristani Peoples.

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Beautiful Persian Fashion! Modern Artistic Iranian woman wear these outfits outside of their homes. The dress should cover the head and the body below the knee . What a beautiful coverage !!!

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