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Personalised number plates

Private number plates are growing in popularity all the time. Every week thousands of people just like you are using our website to search for their dream registration mark which can make their car, van or motorcycle truly personalised.

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Why Get a Personalised Number Plate? The popularity of personalised number plates has never been higher.

Here are five of the cherished number plates of the rich and famous, and the stories behind them.

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Followed this car home one day and had to share his personalised number plates... LOL — in Chatteris, UK.

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Brain teaser - Can you read this? (Ha! Not a strong mind - just someone who has spent too long with people who like personalised number plates!!!)

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new car! fiat 500 personalised number plate cream interior sky blue baby blue

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A ‘udderly’ gorgeous Campervan inspired papercut. The design can be personalised with your choice of names within the windscreen and a date within the number plate. These are the perfect gift for Birthdays, Weddings, Anniversaries and more. Copyright

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Petrol Head Place: Motor Sports, Hybrids, New Fuel, Repair and Maintenance, Future New Developments, Customisations Including Personalised Number Plates

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