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DIY Feed Bag for Shopping. (Can use ANY pet food for multiple sizes & styles!)

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How to make a no-bake cake for your cat or dog

How to make a no-bake cake for your cat or dog - It’s always fun celebrating birthdays! The cake is the best part, if you ask me. Well I think it shouldn’t be any different for cats and dogs. They deserve a cake on their special day too, don’t you think? Maybe they could even wear silly party hats too.

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ORDER HERE- RAW pet foods to be shipped direct to you. All types of proteins, supplements and treats.

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DIY dry-food dispenser. A disposable aluminium pan is used on the inside to help direct all the food into the tray.

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A Dog's New Best Friend: The Delivery Man

Food Stamps … For Pets?

Food Stamps … For Pets?!! A new donation-based program called Pet Food Stamps aims to provide food for pets of low-income families who otherwise could not afford to feed their pets. Based in NY, the program is open to anyone in the United States. More than 45,000 pets have already been signed up in the past 2 weeks, according to the program’s founder Marc Okon. Once need & income is verified, the families will receive pet food each month from Pet Food Direct for a 6 month period.

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