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Aww, every horse needs a pool of their own. The Most Amazing Thing Happened When Our Horse Discovered A Kiddie Pool!

Dog Friendly Beaches On The East Coast - All Pet News

Dog Friendly NJ Beaches - this picture brings back happy memories of my dog chasing sea gulls.

Horses are all beautiful, but these stallions and mares are particularly majestic. We’ve compiled a collection of horses you probably won’t see at your neighborhood farm. Many are so rare that there’s heated debate about their breed and origin. When you’re done browsing through this list of beauties, be sure to check out one of our favorite...

These 10 Rare And Beautiful Horses Are Like Nothing You’ve EVER Seen!

The Akhal-Teke is a horse breed from Turkmenistan. Only about are left worldwide. Known for their speed and famous for the natural metallic shimmer of their coats. THE COLOR IS AMAZING! Most beautiful horse i have ever seen!

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How to Develop Empathy in Children through Human-Animal Relationship

It\'s wondrous what a hug can do. A hug can cheer you when you\'re blue. A hug can say, \"i love you so\" Or, \"gee i hate to see you go\". A hug is, \"welcome

Her Dog Is Dead Because Of A *Tragic* Mistake, And The Killer Might Be Lurking In YOUR Home... -  HER DOG DIED FROM EATING GUM.. ARTIFICIAL SWEETENERS CAN KILL YOUR PET..POISONOUS

Her Dog Is Dead Because Of A *Tragic* Mistake, And The Killer Might Be Lurking In YOUR Home…

Gogo Inflight Internet Pre-travel Checklist: 24 Things to do Before You Travel - Gogo Concourse

Ok, the cat is not really on the bicycle, and it is not too much stuff.  But holy hannah, this is heartwarming and makes me smile!

One cat one bicycle and one happy human all in one photo :)

1. This guard dog poses with the baby's first pair of boots.

10 Adorable Ways To Let Your Dog Announce Your Pregnancy! #5 Melts My Heart!