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Badfinger - Without You (1970) *I can live if living is without you* Original version (I prefer Harry Nilsson)

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Dead At 27: Amy Winehouse And 19 Others

Pete Ham, keyboardist/guitarist for Badfinger, died April 24, 1975 at the age of...27.

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In 1975, just three days shy of his 28th birthday, Badfinger singer and guitarist Pete Ham killed himself because he was despondent over his finances and an ongoing battle with the band’s manager. Despite writing several hit singles, including ‘Day After Day‘ and ‘No Matter What,’ Ham found himself broke and concerned as to how to support his about-to-be born child.

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Pete Ham, member of Badfinger - he hanged himself April 23,1975 in the garage of his Surrey home. Ham was aged 27 at the time; his suicide fell just three days shy of his 28th birthday.

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