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I spent almost 30 minutes in a gas chamber but I survived! Now together we need to conquer the gas chambers in our country. Please sign and share this petition to outlaw gas chambers as a means of euthanizing animals in the US!

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Please go to: Sign the petitions under "firearms" to protect your 2nd amendment rights!

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Vaccine safety delusion: Figure 1: Online survey of 13,000 unvaccinated compared to peer-reviewed survey data of the German vaccinated population[62]. The peer-reviewed data shows the vaccinated population averaging better than one chronic ailment per person, the unvaccinated report less than a third of that. The unvaccinated survey is online, selection biased, and self-reported, but there is no trus

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Obama administration might allow seismic airgun blasts100,000 times louder than jet engine every 10 seconds for months to search for oil and gas in Atlantic ocean. US Department of the Interior est. 138,500 dolphins will be injured/killed. This will also scare away fish & pose risk to East Coast fisheries (200,000 jobs &~$12 billion in economic activity/year). PLEASE SIGN & SHARE

Nancy Rourke Paintings — Deaf Culture: ASL Lives

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BSL Destroys... Sign it before 1/18

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Please Sign the petition. 17,905 more signatures are needed. This petition was created today via We The People. The White House must take the lead on enacting strict controls on all firearms in the US.

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Epic prop-building and concept designing with the Wasteland Warriors - Oxygen: Not For sale Nowadays the 40% of worlds CO2 is produced by coal globally there is a movement shifting towards clean renewable energies except in the US where they have plans to open new coal mines. So the Planet Earth could be a place like Mad Max Benjamin Von Won the Viral Epic Photographer and visual engineer decided to do a photoshoot to see how the future would look like. Joe and Ernst from Wasteland…