Petsmart dog training

About Our Classes This is where I take my Goldendoodle to class. Along with socialization, he is learning to be a well-mannered pup. There is also individual training during the class or afterwards as needed.

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Love this! Me and my two GSD's love to train daily! Training creates a great bond, and a well-mannered dog.

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The Mirror Method, the celebrated Hungarian approach to dog training that has amazed Europe, is coming to the USA.

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change your dog's food Always keep your pet Happy & Healthy Win a $1000 Gift Card - FREE Pet Food for a YEAR! Click here

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Complete 'how to' free videos on dog training, clicker training and behavior modification by world renowned dog trainer Emily Larlham. Emily uses only Progressive Reinforcement Training. A type of training that involves no forms of physical or psychological intimidation.

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Possibility of receiving grants for a classroom pet half off! Awesome! Also a care guide for having a class pet.

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Dogs are wonderful companions, but let's face it -- they can get downright stinky. Say goodbye to smelly-dog days forever with this natural, homemade coat-freshening spritz!

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