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Football Perspective in response to PFT article about always going for 2: "Don't get all the focus on this. There are much better analytic hills to die on (like punting less often)." Submitted June 18 2016 at 10:42AM by Jux_ via reddit

Smartwatches? Pft, they're fine for personal timekeeping and notifications but they are hardly the centrepiece any self-respecting tech aficionado needs in their home. The Glance clock is a beautiful piece of technology that acts like a smartwatch for your wall, that works with a huge array of apps that will alert you when your Uber arrives, the latest football scores, how much sleep or how many steps you've taken, along with, you know, the time.

#PROFESSIONAL #PODCAST Pro Football Talk Live with Mike Florio PFT Live 01/14 - Chip Kelly goes to the 49ers; what are the Giants doing?! LISTEN... http://podDVR.COM/?c=b8f63a7c-dc97-f21d-ebb4-053151f72f4d

So does it even matter who plays quarterback for the defending champs 2016? Right now the Broncos have only newly-acquired Mark Sanchez and Trevor Siemian on the roster. Here's how the very Belichick-ian-sounding Anderson put it on Wednesday on PFT Live: "It doesn't matter and at the end of the day whoever is lining up behind center, they don't have to be a hero. All they have to do is do their job accordingly. We have to do our job accordingly to make it easy on them and we'll make it…

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Andy Dalton’s Contract is Essentially 2 years, $25 Million- By Robert Littal As expected it is unlikely that Andy Dalton gets anywhere near $115 Million. The base salary of the agreement is $96 million, which Dalton will collect if he is on the team all six years of the contract. The most important thing as always is the guaranteed money and PFT breaks...- #And

Notes: Bengals Brace for Speed at Rookie Camp; PFT says Bell Retires; Claim 2 Off Waivers

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Sunday Night Football on NBC with Nicole Desuasido ‪#‎PFT‬ Browns’ owner says Johnny Manziel is a backup

Former NFL quarterback Brad Johnson admits he paid ball boys who broke in the footballs before the Super Bowl in 2003, but he says that story is getting blown out of proportion. Johnson said on PFT Live that he resents the stories that came out this morning suggesting that he bribed ball boys to tamper…