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Pg&e power outage

What Do You Know, Clay Pots Not Just for Gardens Any More

Wow... Power outage in the cold of winter? You never know when you might need a heat source. This "life hack" is brilliant and simple as long as you keep the necessary items on hand: Bricks, terra cotta pot, tealight candles, matches.


People in #SanLuisObispo and #Templeton experienced power outages for unrelated reasons. PG&E could not immediately determine the causes of those outages. Later they have confirmed that it was caused by a downed wire. iSocket alerts you of outages by texting to your phone. Get an alert and act accordingly - e.g. start a generator. #PowerOut? #iSocket3G #PowerAlert

The high winds has PG&E on high alert. They have moved some crews and resources from the southern part of their service area up to the Bay Area, in expectation of power outages.

Outages Keep PG&E Crews Working Into The Night; More Than 30,000 Bay Area Homes Still In The Dark PG&E crews working to restore power as outages spread across Northern California. (courtesy: @PGE4Me)

PG&E Delivers Best-Ever Reliability in 2015, Reduces Duration of Power Outages

Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) delivered record electric reliability in 2015 with the average customer experiencing less than one out


How big a fire risk are smart meters? A concerning story about what happened to a lot of PG&E customers here: #smartmeters


"In the event of a natural disaster, power outage or other disruption, the ability to preserve essential data and maintain business continuity is critically important. What was once the concern of a few select data-dependent industries and high-tech companies is now an issue for growing numbers of professionals representing an expanding range of industries."


A Guide to Food Storage for Emergencies from Utah State University Extension. What types of food should be stored? How much food should be stored? Answers and more. #NebraskaExtension