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Heavy metal detox: Sharpen your mind, reduce cancer risk and banish electromagnetic sensitivity with these tips

1, skincare from botanical extracts. Made in Montreal (Canada), by Nathan Pharma.


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2016 Patellofemoral pain consensus statement from the 4th International Patellofemoral Pain Research Retreat, Manchester. Part 2: recommended physical interventions (exercise, taping, bracing, foot orthoses and combined interventions) #Arthropathies #Clinicalmedicine #Dancescience #Health_Medical_Pharma #Knee #kneepain #medicine #Overuseinjuries #Pain #Patellofemoralpainsyndrome #sportsinjury

SJ Pharmaco is a consulting company which provides Drug safety compliance and pharmacovigilance services in US. Steve Jolley is a consultant in pharmacovigilance and drug safety with 25 years in the pharmaceutical industry. Our specialty is providing pharmacovigilance and drug safety consulting to companies that need help navigating global safety requirements for products.