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Phase 3 Roll It, Spell It

There are four picture boards in total. Board 1 - qu,ch,sh,th,ng Board 2 - ai,ee,igh,oa,oo Board 3 - oo(u), ar,or,ur, ow Board 3 - oi, ear, air, er Each board has a ? section where there are a mixture of pictures from ...


SIGHT WORD bean bag toss

Another chalk game! Write the sight words on the driveway. Toss a bean bag (or small stuffed animal) onto the word. Read the word! Amy


Rock My Classroom on

EYFS phonics - Treasure & trash game at the water tray. Phase 3 real & silly words written on the balls for the children to shoot down the guttering into the appropriate bucket.


Another Ready, Steady, Write game specifically for the Phase 3 graphemes ee oo igh ai air. Roll the dice and write the word in the phoneme frame ( one grapheme per square ). Start on any picture you like. If you land on a word you've already written, miss that turn. LG☆


Phase 3 Picture Word Dominoes

5 sets of dominoes covering the vowel diagraphs and trigraphs with the exception of ure. Set 1 - ai & ee Set 2 - igh & oa Set 3 - oo & oo (u) Set 4 - ur & ow Set 5 - oi, ear, air & er C...