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Details about Vintage Art Deco TELECHRON BAKELITE Philadelphia Inquirer ADVERTISING CLOCK


Amish Style Lemonade

Amish Style Lemonade from From the Inquirer Magazine of the Philadelphia Inquirer, August 1998. Unwaxed lemons would be ideal for this if you can find them.

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All he really needs this winter is a statement coat to complete his look

A statement coat is a must-have, perhaps a black coat with fur collar from Reiss, $660 at Saks Fifth Avenue, at the Logan Hotel, in Philadelphia. (Jessica Griffin/Philadelphia Inquirer/TNS)

"Pickin' " [by] Lauren Kelley - It's a strong, powerful image of a black woman that made me think of a fighter and an activist. It also highlights the major issue in the black community when it comes to how we define 'good hair.' " | The Philadelphia Inquirer Jan. 6, 2017 | Sofiya Ballin, staff writer; Ed Hille, staff photographer

Princess Grace of Monaco died in a car accident on September 14, 1982. The front page story in the Philadelphia Inquirer, her hometown newspaper. [Grace Kelly 1929-1982]

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Philadelphia Inquirer wins Pulitzer Prize for public service

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" 'A Night with Beau Willie Brown,' [by] Michael Paul Britto - This [Ntozake Shange] poem is ... about Beau Willie Brown coming from the war. He has PTSD and he's violent. He's abusive to his woman.... [Britto] narrates their story. From where they fall in love, to the abuse, and when he throws the kids out the window. ... stay[s] true to the text and highlight[s] the issues of mental health, violence, and alcoholism." | The Philadelphia Inquirer 1-5-17, Sofiya Ballin, staff writer;...

*GERMAN WAX DOLL ~in Patriotic Costume w/Abraham Lincoln Provenance,14" Wax over paper mache. Comments: Accompanying the doll is an issue of the Philadelphia Inquirer dated April 20,1865 devoted to the assassination+funeral ceremonies of Lincoln. According to oral history, the doll was presented to Georgianna+Maurice Barrymore by Mary Todd Lincoln, it remained in the family until its acquisition by collector Carole Jean Zvonar from whose collection it was sold in 2007.

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