Philip larkin poems

Phillip Larkin - This be the Verse... this has always been one of my favourite poems!!  :)
Where can we live but days? Philip Larkin
Philip Larkin, 'The Trees'
Aubade by Philip Larkin. "Postmen like doctors go from house to house."
Philip Larkin - "I feel the only thing you can do about life is to preserve it, by art if you're an...". poetry, art, children, poem, youth, poet, letters-to-monica, philip-larkin
I see life more as an affair of solitude diversified by company than an affair of company diversified by action. - Philip Larkin #quotes
Life doesn`t wait to be asked it comes uninvited and helps itself to bread and cheese, and comments uninhibitedly on the decorations. - P.L.
I have a sense of melancholy isolation, life rapidly vanishing, all the usual things. It's very strange how often strong feelings don't seem to carry any message of action. Philip Larkin
Philip Larkin, Talking in Bed