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Pre-Reading Skills Focus: Phonological Awareness

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FREE Syllable Counting Cards

Counting syllables is a great way to develop students' phonological awareness. Placing different manipulatives on the cards to represent each syllable makes syllables concrete and students can physically count how many are in each word.

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Developmental Sequence of Phonological Awareness Skills (Make, Take & Teach)

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Phonological Awareness Interventions for Struggling Readers

Many struggling readers also have poor phonological awareness. Read this post for intervention ideas AND get all of the intervention materials for free!

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Research has identified phonemic awareness and letter knowledge as the two best predictors of how well a child will learn to read during the first two years of school.

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Teach rhyming words with this fun printable

Here's a great rhyming activity for preschool and kindergarten! Just have your child clip the picture that rhymes. 48 free rhyming cards.

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Phonological Awareness Part 2/3: Segmenting and Identification

Phonological Awareness is the basis of all literacy learning. If children understand the building blocks of phonics, they are able to master reading and writing much more quickly and effectively!Included are some guidelines for teaching phonological awareness including; - Phonological Awareness Hierarchy - Teachers Description of Phonological Awareness .

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Counting Syllables with LEGO Bricks

Lego Syllable Counting Activity from "This Reading Mama" (To support phonemic awareness needs, I'd include a picture along with the printed word.)

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